Usually, I present the picture galleries in my blog with SlideShowPro because you can easily manage large amounts of data via the associated SlideShowPro Director.
Since SSP was a pure Flash application so far, the images could not be viewed with mobile devices, if they have no Flash Player installed. On Apples mobile devices Flash is denied completely and Android-based systems offer the Flash Player from Adobe only since version 2.2 (Froyo) by default.

But with the best support of future standards by the underlying WebKit engine of many mobile browsers, HTML5 can provide some very good alternatives to show animated content without Flash. So Dominey Design Inc. has done a really good job with the latest version of SlideShowPro – an amazing liquid “look and feel” when viewing the galleries is even guaranteed with the first generation of iPhones.
However, also the latest version of Flash Player from Adobe is running fluent on a HTC Desire for example, an Android-based smartphone comparable to the iPhone 4 – so it’s something incomprehensible to me that Apple still refuses this technique.

For now I’ve updated the code of all my posts which are illustrated with an animated slide show and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it on your handheld too. 🙂

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